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Script Entities are used to add events to a level.


Door Unlock[]

Unlocks the linked doors.
ShowMessage: If True, displays DOOR UNLOCKED! on the HUD when triggered.

Door Open[]

Opens the linked doors. Doors opened by script do not automatically close.
ShowMessage: If True, displays DOOR OPENED! on the HUD when triggered.

Activate Matcen[]

Causes linked Matcen entities to start producing Auto-Ops.

On Destroy[]

When the first linked entity is destroyed, triggers all other linked entities.

On Count[]

Triggers linked entities when this script is triggered a certain number of times.
SpecialIndex: The number times the On Count must be triggered for it to activate.

Disable Shield[]

Removes shields from linked Invulnerable props, making them vulnerable again.
ShowMessage: If True, displays SHIELDS DISABLED! on the HUD when triggered.

Forcefield Disable[]

Deactivates linked forcefields.
ShowMessage: If True, displays FORCEFIELD DISABLED! on the HUD when triggered.

Reveal Robot[]

Shows an enemy or enemies. The robot's Hidden property should be marked as True

Door Lock[]

Closes and locks the linked doors.
ShowMessage: If True, displays DOOR LOCKED! on the HUD when triggered.

On Pickup[]

When the first linked entity is an Item and is picked up, triggers all other linked entities.

Lockdown Master[]

Used to create a Lockdown. The Lockdown starts when this Script is triggered, activating all linked #Lockdown Doors, #Lockdown Lights, and #Lockdown Robots.
Delay: Maximum time between robots appearing. Robots will appear faster if none are active.
SpecialIndex: Number of robots that appear when the lockdown is triggered.

Multiple Master scripts can be used on a single Box Trigger to allow more lights, doors, or robots to spawn in a given lockdown instance.

Lockdown Door[]

Linked doors are closed and locked at the start of the Lockdown, and opened at the end. Doors opened in this way do not automatically close.

Lockdown Light[]

Linked Emlight Om1 props are activated while the Lockdown is active.

An interesting feature is that this script isn't necessary at all: an active lockdown (normal or boss) will trigger all the Emlight Om1 entities in the level.

Lockdown Robot[]

Marks linked robots as part of the Lockdown. Linked robots should be set to Hidden, and will be revealed during the Lockdown. The order in which robots are revealed appears to be random.

Lockdown Boss[]

When triggered,

  1. Triggers linked Lockdown Door scripts,
  2. Activates all Emlight Om1 props in the level,
  3. Reveals linked enemy entities,
  4. Reveals a linked Boss enemy entities' health bar (in antecedent order in which they were placed in the editor), and
  5. Displays the message "massive threat incoming."

The linked enemies must be bosses; using a regular auto-op cannot end the lockdown by triggering the overload sequence [needs verification]. As with Lockdown Robot, the boss entities must have their Hidden tags set to True. When the required number of linked bosses are destroyed, it triggers the overload sequence.

Delay: No known effect.

ShowMessage: No effect, but togglable between True or False. "MASSIVE INCOMING THREAT" displays regardless.

SpecialIndex: Almost always 1. This must match the number of linked enemy entities, and it is strongly recommended to use only one boss per level. This appears to be the number of destroyed linked bosses needed to trigger the overload sequence, and experimentation suggests that more than two bosses cause unpredictable overload triggers.

The code documentation is very thorough:[1]

    //0. Create the boss robots you want to appear
    //1. Add a trigger/etc to start the lockdown
    //2. Add a lockdownboss script entity
    //3. Add lockdowndoor script
    //4. Link trigger to boss script, and boss to robots + lockdowndoor
    //5. Link appropriate doors to script
    //6. Special Index = Number of boss robots

    // NOTE: Boss dies, MustEscape is set

Tutorial Message[]

Displays a tutorial message on the HUD.
SpecialIndex: Determines which message is shown.

Tutorial Messages
Index Text
0 Inverted look controls?
(button to invert)
1 There's a hostile operator in the area
2 Secondary weapon controls
3 Simulation exit
Fly through the security door to end the simulator
4 Boost controls
5 Shielded objects can't be destroyed
6 Darkness ahead
(flare and headlight controls)
7 Security key required
Collect security key to access security area
8 Energy center
Refill your energy up to 100 as often as needed
9 Locked doors
Look for a way to unlock the door
10 Navigation aids
(hologuide controls)
11 Navigation aids
(automap controls)
12 Secret areas
Every facility contains many hidden sections
13 Security key required
14 Auto-op Fabricator
Fabricators create Auto-Ops, but can be destroyed

Activate Object[]

Activates a linked entity when triggered. However, their change in state is not stored in savegames.

Entities known to work with this script are:

Deactivate Object[]

Deactivates a linked entity when triggered. This can disable forcefields, doors, and triggers for example. (See "Activate Object")

However, the entity's deactivated state will not be stored in savegames.

Analytics Chokepoint[]

Robot Attack[]

Directs linked Auto-Ops to move towards the player.

Checkpoint Save[]

Comm Message[]

Plays a comm message from the level's story text.
SpecialIndex: Determines which message is shown. Indexes start at 1.

Teleport Out[]

Ends the level with a cutscene showing the player being teleported out.

On Robot Kills[]

Triggers linked entities when a certain number of Auto-Ops are destroyed.
SpecialIndex: The required number of auto-ops to destroy.


Triggers linked entities based on destroyed Auto-Op count and player position.
SpecialIndex: The required number of auto-ops to destroy.
Entities are triggered as follows:

  • When the required number of auto-ops are destroyed, the first linked entity is triggered.
  • If the number of destroyed auto-ops is within 5 of the required number, and 5 minutes have passed, the second linked entity is triggered.
  • Shortly after triggering either of the first two linked entities: if the player's Y position is 10 units below this Script or higher, the fifth linked entity is triggered; otherwise, the third linked entity is triggered.
  • Afterwards, if the player's Y position eventually goes above that of this Script, the fifth linked entity is triggered.



Causes the player to start with level 2 security access. Does not need to be triggered.
After overloading the reactor, this script will also play comm messages during the countdown:

  • Comm message 10 at 30 seconds left
  • Comm message 11 at 15 seconds left

Activate Alien Warp[]

Turns on linked Alien Warp props. Active Alien Warps end the level when entered.

Alien Door Link[]

Connects an Alien door with Alien Switches. The door should be the first link. The door will be open as long as any linked switch is active.

Secret Level[]

When triggered, sends the player to a Secret Level. To function correctly, it should be triggered by a Box Warper.

Fade Music[]

Causes level music to fade out.

Objective Message[]

Displays an objective on the HUD.
SpecialIndex: Determines which objective is shown.

Objective Messages
Index Text
0 5 Autonomous Operators Remaining
1 Return to the Surface
2 Enter the Alien Portal
3 Escape the Facility
4 Destroy the Reactor
11 The Energy Switch has a Unique Signature
12 Try the Thunderbolt on the Energy Switch
13 The Energy Cores Need to be Activated

Hologuide Position[]

Disable Occlusion[]

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