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The creators of Descent are proud to present the ultimate zero-gravity shooter, OVERLOAD. Revival Productions is continuing where Parallax left off and creating an all-new game that combines the best of classic flying shooter gameplay with modern graphics and technology. Destroy robots, rescue hostages, blow up the reactor, and escape before the whole thing explodes.

Available now on Windows/Mac/Linux, and coming soon to PS4 and XBOX1. (Release on Steam:31 May, 2018)

  • Intense action in 6­-degrees­-of­-freedom
  • 15 level single­-player campaign filled with explosive combat and exploration
  • Multiplayer with public and private matches
  • Fast-paced Challenge Mode with two variants
  • More than a dozen sinister robot types and 3 massive bosses
  • 12 upgradeable weapons
  • Fully customizable joystick, gamepad, mouse and keyboard controls
  • Releasing on PC/Mac/Linux, PS4, and Xbox One



"The spirit of Descent lives on in this modernized blast from the past" GameReactor...


"Overload is amazing and everyone should play it. Here's why:"

Rock, Paper, Shotgun[]

" Overload, a true return to form for the free-flying shooter" Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Descent's True Spiritual Successor Overload is out Today...