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Multiplayer is a game mode in Overload where 2-8 players join an online match in Head to Head, Anarchy, or Team Anarchy modes.

Game Modes[]

Head to Head[]

1 on 1 highly competitive combat.


2 to 6 players in a free-for-all battle.

Team Anarchy[]

Two teams of up to 4 players fight for supremacy.

Play Online[]

Play Online will place players in matchmaking where each player is given a rank and placed based on skill.

Ranks are arranged from Bronze 1-3 > Silver 1-3 > Gold 1-3 > Platinum 1-3 > Diamond. You see your current rank during matchmaking.

Online Ranks.jpg

Private Match[]

Private Matches are created with a password that can be shared with a number of other players set in the Match Settings.

LAN Match[]

Private Matches played on your private local network.

Customize Menu[]

Players' ship Loadout, Modifiers, and Appearance can be set in the Customization menu.