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These are third-party tools that can be used with the Overload Level Editor to help with certain tasks.

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Extended Editor Keys[]

This is a script for AutoHotKey maintained by Fisholith. It allows shortcut keys to be used to manipulate decals in the Overload editor. The current version is 1.5 and is currently available via the Overload Discord server.[1]

To download AutoHotKey (required to run this script), visit AHK here.

NOTE: Overload already uses the numpad keys, so this script uses the Numpad_Period key "." to toggle the numpad between Default mode and Decal mode. A confirmation sound will indicate if the decal keys are being toggled on or off.

Examples & Keys reference[]

In this video, all decal actions are performed from the keyboard.

Fish EK Example.gif

New keys reference sheet:

Fish EKkeyboard.png

The original extended keys animation showing a variety of other editor actions, all performed from the keyboard:

Fish EKDecalActions.gif

0beron's Overload Editor Add-ons[]

This is a collection of tools to accomplish tasks such as:

  • Use Blender to align textures in an Overload level
  • Export Overload DMesh files from Blender
  • Split large collections of cubes in an Overload level on a plane

The tools are available at the following GitLab project: https://gitlab.com/083ron/overload_blender


Version 1.12.31 (or later) of the Descent Level Editor (DLE) includes a function to export Descent and Descent II levels to .overload files which can be read by the Overload Level Editor. These can be retextured with new decals and entities, then exported into a level playable by Overload itself. Version 1.12.32 is recommended, as it contains useful fixes and improvements to the export feature. DLE 1.12.32, from www.descent2.de

Some levels are not centered on the grid when opened by the Overload editor; this occurs because the original level was also off-grid, although DLE doesn't make it easy to tell because it doesn't use a grid. It is possible to re-center the level before exporting using the Edit → "Set mine center to current cube" menu command in DLE.

LevelPost (custom assets)[]

The LevelPost tool allows you to replace some assets in an exported level file with custom assets. There is support for plain flat textures in the tool itself. Also, the tool allows you to link a Unity asset bundle to the level for more options, such as full PBR materials, custom shaders and ambient audio (which can also be used for custom music to some extent). There are tutorials for creating asset bundles with custom materials, custom audio and skybox materials.

Skybox Resources[]

HDRIHaven can be a useful resource to find CC0-licensed HDRIs suitable for creating skyboxes from. These can be converted into a format usable by Unity using an "HDRI to CubeMap" tool here: https://matheowis.github.io/HDRI-to-CubeMap/

The export option that produces separate images for each side of the cubemap is the easiest to use with Arne's skybox tutorial. Note that the +x/-x images are swapped versus what the Unity cubemap editor expects.


  1. As of the page's creation, the download URL is blocked by the Wiki due to a blacklisted site (Goo.GL shortlink). As a result, the download is only available on Discord until a moderator can add the link.