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Experience Points (XP) are points earned by playing Single Player, Challenge Mode, or Multiplayer in Overload. Reaching certain XP milestones unlock various options in all modes.


Challenge Mode[]

The Trinomular and Cyclonus Challenge Mode levels are unlocked at 5000 XP. The other unlocks are listed below:

XP Unlock Description
200 Starting Armor Start with 25 more Armor
500 Boost Speed Higher speed while boosting
1000 Accessory Energy Boost, headlight, and flare use no energy
2000 Blast Protection Self-inflicted blast damage reduced by 50%
3500 Weapons Unlock 1 Unlock Thunderbolt and Time Bomb
5500 Maximum Ammo 500 maximum Ammo and start with 100 more
8000 Item Duration Invulnerability, Cloak, and Overdrive last 50% longer
11000 Extra Weapon Start with an extra primary weapon
15000 Smash Damage Increased smash attack damage
20000 Weapons Unlock 2 Unlock Lancer and Vortex


Both Loadouts and Modifiers are unlocked with XP.

Multiplayer Loadouts
XP Name Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Weapon 3
0 Warrior Reflex Falcon Hunter
0 Archer Driller Impulse Missile Pod
400 Mercenary Cyclone Hunter Creeper
1000 Barbarian Cyclone Flak Falcon
2500 Gladiator Crusher Missile Pod Creeper
5000 Champion Thunderbolt Driller Hunter
8000 Bomber (customizable) Any primary weapon Any secondary weapon Any secondary weapon
12000 Gunner (customizable) Any primary weapon Any primary weapon Any secondary weapon
Multiplayer Modifiers (column 1)
XP Name Description
0 Max Turn Speed 1 Maximum turn speed increased (stacks with Max Turn Speed 2)
0 Enhanced Boost Boost speed increased and reduced overheating
1500 Ship Speed Flight speed increased by 5% total
3500 Armor Toughness Damage to ship is reduced by 10% total
Multiplayer Modifiers (column 2)
XP Name Description
0 Max Turn Speed 2 Maximum turn speed increased (stacks with Max Turn Speed 1)
0 Blast Protection All blast damage taken reduced by 20%
2000 Primary Efficiency Energy usage reduced and ammo increased
6000 Forward Speed Non-boosted forward speed increased by 10%