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This page lists the details of the Cronus Frontier mission in Overload.


Overload takes place on a number of mining and research faclilties in the colony of Cronus Frontier on Saturn's moons. You awaken from a cryo slumber to find a distress beacon has been activated on one of the colony's outer moons. You are tasked with investigating this distress call and continue to uncover what is behind the mysterious reason behind this unexpected attack.

Outer Moons

Saturn's outer moons are smaller exploraton outposts, not ideally suited for human habitation.

Ymir Outpost is the first outer moon encountered. Distress beacons have been activated and your MPSV has been tasked with investigating the signal.

Tarvos Outpost is the second outer moon and the second mission in Cronus Frontier. Another fully autonomous facility, a distress beacon has been sent out by a surveying team here.

Skoll Outpost is the third outer moon encountered.

Phoebe Refinery is the fourth outer moon encountered.

Phoebe Complex is the fifth facility that takes place on the same moon as the previous mission. A massive military grade Auto-Op was built here, containing its own reactor core that must be overloaded.


Titan contains five Cronus Frontier facilities, each with their own development and research purposes.

Titan Observatory is the first Titan mission and the sixth mission in Cronus Frontier.

Titan Workshop is the second Titan mission.

Titan Forge is the third Titan mission.

Titan Collider is the fourth Titan mission.

Titan Harbor is the fifth and final Titan mission. A massive Auto-Op resides here containing its own reactor core that must be overloaded.

Inner Moons

The next series of missions take place on Saturn's inner moons, built inside of these moons of ice.

Tethys Lab is the eleventh mission in Cronus Frontier. An inner moon comprised mostly of ice, this large vertical facility was the hub for highly classified research.

Enceladus Depot is the twelfth and final inner moon mission. A secret discovery was recently made on this moon that would change the course of Cronus Frontier and humanity itself entirely.

Cygnus Constellation

A portal on the alien ship has been activated leading to a constellation light years away from Sol.

Cygnusoria is the first alien world encountered.

Lyranicus is the second alien world encountered.

Vulpecular is the third and final alien world encountered. The first Sovereign resides in this sprawling throne room of a facility.

Ymirus is the final mission in Cronus Frontier. The third Sovereign has taken over Ymir Outpost and it is up to you to put a stop to this alien operation and save humanity.

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