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An audio log powerup.

Audio logs are unique powerups which immediately play an audio clip. If an audio sequence is already playing, either from a scripted event or another audio log, it will be queued and automatically play after completion. In the Cronus Frontier campaign, these powerups are only used to convey the plot, and do not grant hints or gameplay advantages. During playback, the HUD displays the speaker's name, the date of the recording, and a transcript. In the Cronus Frontier campaign, each level contains between six and eleven audio logs recorded by a single character in that location. Audio logs emit a faint white light to increase visibility.

Audio logs may be located anywhere in a level, including inside auto-ops which drop upon destruction. The order of audio logs is scripted; the powerups can be picked up in any order but will always play the the level's logs in the same sequence. Audio logs can be replayed from the pause menu under View Stats.

Within each level, audio logs play in chronological order, but this is not the case for the campaign as a whole. Level 1 Ymir Outpost's earliest log is dated 19 August 2118, whereas Level 4 Phoebe Refinery's earliest log is dated 9 August 2118.

Cronus Frontier Audio Logs[]

These are transcripts of audio logs for each level in scripted order.

Ymir Outpost[]

Dr. Evelyn Buhari – Geologist

  1. August 19, 2118, 1:03 PM – “Evelyn Buhari, Geologist. Our team is on Ymir to upgrade defenses and inspect the mines.”
  2. August 20, 2118, 8:32 AM – “Kantor wants every base fortified against a possible attack. We're making the modifications now.”
  3. August 21, 2118, 12:17 PM – “We brought over some Gorgons from Phoebe. Sandor says they're overkill, but if Kantor tells you to do something, you do it.”
  4. August 23, 2118, 9:44 AM – “The team is eager to finish up and get back to Phoebe. Ymir is built for machines, not long-term human habitation. Saturn looks like a star from here.”
  5. August 24, 2118, 11:12 AM – “We're experiencing a malfunction of our autonomous operators. They attacked Halloran. We're sealing off the control room.”
  6. August 24, 2118, 12:13 PM - “Life support and comms are failing. The cryochamber is under construction so the cryotubes haven't been installed. The shuttle's our only chance.”
  7. August 24, 2118, 12:49 PM – “The operators cut us off--we can't reach the shuttle! We're sending a distress signal, but I think we're too late.”

Tarvos Outpost[]

Max Volkov - Mining Engineer

  1. August 15, 2118, 7:49 PM – “Max Volkov, Mining Engineer. My team arrived on Tarvos on 8-15. We're here to upgrade operators and inspect the dig.”
  2. August 17, 2118, 4:54 AM – “Auto-ops are in good working order. Exploration has located minerals Geisler needs for her work at Titan Collider.”
  3. August 19, 2118, 5:55 PM – “We've brought in Scorpions to reinforce the Goblins and Ogres here. They're ideally suited for the density and composition of this moon.”
  4. August 20, 2118, 10:50 AM – “Sibley's nervous. He thinks Kantor's out to get him for that report he sent back to Juno Offworld. If you want to be a team player, you gotta keep your mouth shut.”
  5. August 23, 2118, 8:13 AM – “I corrected Darrow's report. Kantor's looking for precision, not accuracy. Gotta tell the big man what he wants to hear. Learned that lesson the hard way.
  6. August 24, 2118, 8:38 PM – “Sibley and Lennox were in the engineering level when the operators attacked. No warning or nothing. Lennox got his head torn clean off.”
  7. August 24, 2118, 8:53 PM – “Life support's failing, but I can't get to the cryotubes. Operators are blocking the access corridor. Where the hell is Kwan?”

Skoll Outpost[]

James Lynch - Director, Outer Moons

  1. August 14, 2118, 5:28 AM – “James Lynch, personal log, 8-14. We're here on Skoll to install the cryostasis tubes and implement defensive measures per Kantor's directive.”
  2. August 15, 2118, 10:21 AM- “I worked with Kantor from the beginning, back when Juno Offworld was nothing but a scrappy little startup. I swore I'd follow that bastard to the edge of the universe, and that's exactly what I did.”
  3. August 15, 2118, 10:21 AM – “Cronus Frontier is not economically viable. That's the hard truth no one wants to accept. We're simply too far away from the Earth-Mars-Belt triangle.”
  4. August 15, 2118, 10:21 AM – “When I shared my concerns with Kantor, he reassigned me to Phoebe. One day I'm director of Titan Collider, the next I'm kicked to the outer moons.”
  5. August 17, 2118, 12:45 PM – “Ever since that incident with the Enceladus crew, Kantor's been acting strange. He wants a Kraken security. Here. At Skoll. Who's going to attack Skoll? There's nobody out here. Except us.”
  6. August 20, 2118, 2:57 PM – “In Kantor's mind, Cronus Frontier is about to become the center of human civilization. Soon ships will venture to the outer planets, the Kuiper Belt, the Oort Cloud. All the way to Alpha Centauri. We're hundreds of years from that fantasy.”
  7. August 21, 2118, 5:53 PM – “I wish I knew what's happening on Titan, whatever projects they're working on now. I've been in the dark since my reassignment. Kantor blamed me when Juno Offworld got a hold of the teleport technology.”
  8. August 24, 2118, 8:42 PM – “Josh says there's a malfunction with the operators. I'm on my way up to the surveyor station to check it out. Hope this doesn't keep us here any longer than necessary.”

Phoebe Refinery[]

Bai Li - Security Officer

  1. August 9, 2118, 6:59 PM – “Bai Li, Safety Officer. We've deployed teams to Skoll, Tarvos, and Ymir to reinforce defenses. We'll use the auto-ops to protect the colony if we're attacked.”
  2. August 10, 2118, 1:34 AM – “The threat could come from anywhere. Raiders, pirates, PTMC, or some other megacorp. Even UNOSA.”
  3. August 12, 2118, 4:50 AM – “They're building a new operator at Phoebe Complex. They call it Goliath. We've got plenty of mining bots and light security units, but Goliath is military-grade hardware.”
  4. August 12, 2118, 4:50 AM – “Meanwhile, we're making a few improvements to the Triton's capabilities. We're the nerve center for outer moon exploration, so Phoebe is a strategic target.”
  5. August 17, 2118, 10:23 AM – “Per Kantor's request, I'm monitoring all communication, internal and external. He thinks we have spies on the inside. If anyone tries to establish contact outside the colony, they'll be sorry.”
  6. August 21, 2118, 8:13 PM – “I can't stop thinking about Minka Janowski. It's been a year and a half since the shuttle accident. She knew the operator code better than anyone, except maybe Kantor.”
  7. August 24, 2118, 8:47 PM – “Samsa reports a disturbance in the processing plant. We'll go check it out.”

Phoebe Complex[]

Heloise Martel - Operator Technician

  1. August 3, 2118, 7:34 AM – “Heloise Martel, Auto-Op Tech, 8-03. Kantor wants us to shore up our defenses so we're working on a new class of operator--something that can deliver a lot more firepower.”
  2. August 7, 2118, 12:27 PM – “Kantor's been a lot more tense since that accident with the Enceladus crew. All those people who died--it's starting to get to him.”
  3. August 10, 2118, 2:20 AM – “Calvino finished the chassis, and we're calling it Goliath. I've got a P95 portable reactor for power, but I'll have to shut down the main reactor to mitigate interference.”
  4. August 13, 2118, 1:54 AM – “Sebastien wants to arm Goliath with a Devastator. I think he's crazy. That thing will blow itself to pieces! But he swears the hull can take the punishment.”
  5. August 17, 2118, 9:11 AM – “We tested Goliath against a decommissioned Triton, and there was nothing left of that hulk. Even with all that extra plating.”
  6. August 21, 2118, 12:16 AM – “Brody found a glitch with the IFF transponders we're using to configure the auto-ops for defense. We don't want them attacking our own people.”
  7. August 23, 2118, 5:18 AM – “The IFF transponders are conflicting with the target assessment routines the operators use for mining. Brody says he has a fix and will push it out to the other teams.”
  8. August 24, 2118, 9:17 PM – “The operator attacked Brody with the upgrades I just installed. I ran. I didn't even try to help him. I just ran.”

Titan Observatory[]

Dr. Matsuko Yamada - Chief Astrophysicist

  1. December 14, 2117, 7:29 PM – “This is Dr. Matsuko Yamada, Chief Astrophysicist. My team has been tasked with a special project from Gabriel Kantor in support of the Forge and Titan Collider.”
  2. December 14, 2117, 7:29 PM – “The scope and nature of this project is secret. Kantor has established protocols for sharing data, but each team has visibility only into its particular assignment.”
  3. December 22, 2117, 11:17 PM – “Today we are studying KIC 8462852. We'll begin as soon as Walcott reconfigures the arrays.”
  4. January 31, 2118, 8:18 AM – “Tomorrow is the anniversary. Simone was on board the shuttle, along with five others. They were en route from Enceladus to Titan.”
  5. April 1, 2118, 1:09 AM – “We just received a shipment of auto-ops from the Workshop. They're mining-issue with military-grade enhancements. The observatory feels more oppressive every day.”
  6. August 3, 2118, 2:04 PM – “We do our job. We gather data and transmit our findings to Tethys. But I feel a deep sense of foreboding.”
  7. August 28, 2118, 5:42 AM – "The emergency alarms just went off. The safety director has ordered the entire facility locked down. Could this be the attack Kantor warned us about?"
  8. August 28, 2118, 7:03 AM – "Coburn tells me the problem is with the auto-ops. They're attacking people. He says we must go to the cryostasis bay."

Titan Workshop[]

Sanvi Tamboli - Operator Engineer

  1. August 31, 2117, 4:42 AM – “Sanvi Tamboli. 2117-08-31. I lead the auto-op engineering team here at the Workshop.”
  2. September 2, 2117, 3:11 AM – “We're working on major augmentations on several operator classes. Unbelievable the advances we're seeing.”
  3. October 19, 2117, 3:48 AM – “All the designs come from the big man himself and Dev Saldanha's team on Tethys. It's one major breakthrough after another.”
  4. October 27, 2117, 3:42 PM – “I'd say our operator tech is about 30 years ahead of anyone else on the belt. It's a shame we're stuck out here. Back home we'd be rich.”
  5. February 5, 2118, 2:25 PM – “Ever since the shuttle accident last year, Kantor's working heads-down, non-stop. The big man's banging out some genius-grade engineering.”
  6. June 12, 2118, 12:14 AM – “I don't talk to Geisler and Eames anymore. Essential project communication only between facilities. Each base in its own little bubble.”
  7. August 28, 2118, 6:56 AM – “Uh, we're getting reports of a widespread malfunction of the operators, all classes. Violence against personnel, other erratic behavior.”
  8. August 28, 2118, 7:15 AM – “Moses said Phoebe was modding the auto-op AI code. Now THAT is a stupid thing to do! I hope they weren't dumb enough to mess with the safety protocols.”

Titan Forge[]

Oberon Kalu - Metallurgist

  1. September 8, 2117, 3:00 PM – “Oberon Kalu, Metallurgist. The specs we received from Kantor are...unusual, as the parameters far exceed our capabilities. At first, I thought Kantor might be joking.”
  2. October 7, 2117, 7:55 AM – “With Kantor's help, we've made dramatic improvements in our alloying process. We're now creating materials I never imagined possible. We may be on the threshold of a new technological revolution.”
  3. November 30, 2117, 8:36 AM – “We can only speculate about what Kantor is building with these components. We are fabricating parts for a mystery machine he's constructing on Tethys or Enceladus.”
  4. January 3, 2118, 4:38 AM – “I think Kantor may have invented a new kind of engine, something that can bridge the distance to Juno Offworld at near-light speeds.”
  5. January 3, 2118, 4:33 PM – “If my theory is correct, Cronus Frontier would become a gateway to the outer planets, the Kuiper Belt, the Oort Cloud. Just as Kantor envisioned.”
  6. February 22, 2118, 11:33 PM – “I am frustrated by all this secrecy. We are unable to communicate with other facilities except to fill their orders for new components.”
  7. May 17, 2118, 12:39 PM – “Artyom thinks Kantor is stealing credit for the work of others at Tethys. Because he controls all information, no one can challenge him.”
  8. August 28, 2118, 6:43 AM – “The safety officer says we are to proceed to the cryotubes and avoid the auto-ops. I think I heard an explosion somewhere.”

Titan Collider[]

Annika Geisler - Chief Physicist

  1. February 4, 2117, 4:31 AM – “Kantor invited Harper to join his team at Enceladus. I'm surprised he's resuming work so soon after the shuttle accident. It's irrational, but I worry about Harper going out there.”
  2. August 7, 2117, 6:12 PM – “Kantor assigned Titan Collider to a secret project, designated Thunderbolt. We are cut off from all non-essential contact with other bases. Strict quarantine protocols are now in place.”
  3. August 19, 2117, 1:01 PM – “The specifications we received from Kantor are...insane, for lack of a better word. We cannot conduct experiments at those parameters without putting the entire facility at risk.”
  4. October 30, 2117, 2:23 AM – “The containment field ruptured. We were able to power down the accelerator in time, but Malone died instantly. I have suspended all further work on the Thunderbolt project.”
  5. October 31, 2117, 3:52 PM – “Kantor overruled me. Thunderbolt must continue. If we fail, Kantor will have me reassigned to the outer moons. Ymir, or maybe Tarvos. I've worked too hard to let that happen.”
  6. December 22, 2117, 5:44 PM – “Everything is unraveling--the team, our facility, my mind. We'll either blow ourselves up or turn this moon into a strange particle.”
  7. January 18, 2118, 8:51 AM – “We achieved a breakthrough this morning. The Thunderbolt is now functional, but we're a long way off from miniaturization. I need every outer moon facility scanning for the rare metals we need.”
  8. January 20, 2118, 3:44 AM – “Alex Warden will take the Thunderbolt to Tethys. Then Harper will fly it to Enceladus. What Kantor's doing there, no one knows. I asked Alex to bring Harper some of her things.”
  9. August 2, 2118, 11:14 PM – “Kantor has ordered us to prepare for an attack so we're modding the Thunderbolt for the UPI. We received heavy operators from the Workshop--they look like something out of the Cybelene War.”
  10. August 27, 2118, 7:01 AM – “No word from Volkov or anyone else on the outer moons. I'm guessing Kantor locked down comms again without telling us. I should check with Amjad.”

Titan Harbor[]

Sam Amjad - Flight Control Officer

  1. November 5, 2117, 9:54 PM – “Sam Amjad, Flight Control and Logistics. 2117-11-05. The MPSV from Juno Offworld is now completely unloaded. Jurgen estimates at least three months of maintenance and prep before we can send it back home.”
  2. February 15, 2118, 5:43 AM – “The MPSV is now en route to Juno. At Harper's request, I added Alex Warden and an unspecified payload to the manifest. Kantor's gonna kill me, but Harper wouldn't ask unless it were the right thing to do.”
  3. March 23, 2118, 10:47 PM – “Tethys shipped over a device called the "Time Bomb" to UPI engineering. The project's unauthorized...Kantor doesn't even know. They're having a hell of time attaching it to the pylon.”
  4. May 15, 2118, 2:26 AM – “We just received the new auto-ops from Titan Workshop. I served four tours of duty and never saw anything like these units.”
  5. June 7, 2118, 1:21 PM – “So far we've sent auto-ops from the Workshop, components from the Forge, and something called a "Thunderbolt" from Titan Collider. What the hell is Kantor doing with all this?”
  6. August 28, 2118, 6:29 AM – “We lost contact with the outer moons four days ago. Now there's an MPSV near Skoll. Its transponder is off, and we're unable to establish contact. This could be the attack Kantor warned us about.”

Tethys Lab[]

Dr. Dev Saldanha - Chief Scientist

  1. March 19, 2117, 1:58 PM – “This alien ship crashed on Enceladus about 300,000 years ago, around the time with the first homo sapiens were born somewhere in Africa. Origin is unknown. Our best guess is KIC 8462852 in the Cygnus constellation.”
  2. March 20, 2117, 2:14 AM – “Harper Eames is helping Kantor with the excavation and then transporting materials from the crash site back here for analysis. Every shipment is a new mystery to solve.”
  3. June 2, 2117, 8:39 AM – “We believe the alien ship was controlled by three AI processor cores. Kantor calls them "sovereigns," but only one has been found. The vessel suffered extensive damage on impact.”
  4. June 28, 2117, 7:02 AM – “The sovereigns used slave bots to carry out physical interactions. Their materials are extraordinary--lightweight but with a resilience and strength that far exceeds our own.”
  5. August 4, 2117, 7:24 AM – “We're using the facilities on Titan to help re-engineer this alien tech, but we must keep the origin a secret. As far as everyone is concerned, Gabriel Kantor invented all of it.”
  6. February 12, 2118, 5:52 AM – “Harper transferred her cargo directly to Warden's shuttle. This is not standard procedure. Anything sent to Titan needs to go through my team. I'll keep my mouth shut, but Harper better know what she's doing.”
  7. May 22, 2118, 7:45 PM – “The auto-ops Kantor ordered just arrived from the Workshop. He believes an attack from the outside is imminent. We defined the specs here at Tethys, but the final product is...disturbing.”
  8. May 25, 2118, 3:56 AM – “The Reaver is a terrifying machine--I'm afraid to turn it on. The auto-op becomes a suicide bomber once it sustains enough damage. What would possess Kantor to design something like this?”
  9. July 28, 2118, 07:38 AM --"Kantor's last message was… unnerving. We haven't seen Harper in nearly a month, and Enceladus has gone completely dark. Now Rafael says the operators are behaving erratically."

Enceladus Depot[]

Gabriel Kantor - CEO

  1. February 3, 2117, 9:17 AM – “I don't regret what I did. I had no choice. Either I silence those people or lose everything.”
  2. February 28, 2117, 6:49 PM – “Harper's a hydrogeologist. She knows how to work with operators and dig through ice without damaging the alien ship. So far we've found no signs of life support or crew accomodations. Only machines.”
  3. April 6, 2117, 5:52 PM – “We located one of the "sovereign" AIs that run the alien ship. Given the architecture of the vessel, we think there may be three in all. Harper is searching for the other two.”
  4. May 14, 2117, 2:50 PM - “The sovereign has spontaneously turned itself on. It can leech power from nearby energy sources and interface with our networks without a direct connection. Now it's churning through all our data, possibly learning how we communicate.”
  5. July 13, 2117, 5:40 PM – “We've had a breakthrough here. The sovereign needs us to repair a device on the ship. We have no idea what it does yet. The sovereign is reengineering it so we can rebuild the damaged components.”
  6. August 5, 2117, 9:00 AM – “Titan is now working on components we need to repair the alien device. I divided the labor so no one knows exactly what we're building here. A stronger robot. A bigger gun. A faster engine. These are all pieces of a much larger puzzle.”
  7. July 31, 2118, 7:38 PM – “The alien technology is functional but very unstable. It generates a non-baryonic sphere that could possibly serve as a wormhole. The Thunderbolt triggers this phenomena, but I haven't yet figured out exactly how to polarize the exotic matter field.”
  8. August 1, 2118, 6:06 AM – “I said goodbye to Harper today. She betrayed my trust. I activated the extermination protocol on the Reavers, a feature I worked into the auto-op AI code. They were effective, but messy.”
  9. August 28, 2118, 6:38 AM – “Titan Harbor says they lost contact with the outer moons 4 days ago, and now an MPSV with no transponder was detected near Skoll. Could be Juno. PTMC. Maybe UNOSA? It doesn't matter. They're too late.”
  10. August 28, 2118, 7:18 AM – “Someone triggered the auto-op extermination protocol across the entire colony. Now the auto-ops are killing everyone. As designed, but I didn't give the order. To be fair, I didn't exactly beta test my plan for mass murder.”
  11. September 16, 2118, 9:28 AM – “I think I can stabilize the exotic matter field long enough for me and the sovereign to pass through. If the wormhole doesn't collapse on me, I should soon find myself about 1200 light years away.”


The Alien levels do not contain audio logs.


Ymirus does not contain audio logs.